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Do Teachers Care More About School Work Than Your Kids Do? Here’s How to Fix the Problem – The Washington Post

Four Reasons to Give Your Daughter a Double Name- HuffPost Parents

Pretty in Pink Again – The Story of an Heirloom Prom Dress – HuffPost Parents

Playdate for Moms – I’ll Mix the Cocktails. You Bring Back 2004- Grown and Flown

Confessions of a Former Homeschooling Mom – HuffPost Parents

Why I Will Always Use the Good China – HuffPost Lifestyle

Six Things I Need To Stop Doing Now That My Kids Are Big – And One Thing I Can’t – Scary Mommy

Why I Won’t Be Joining Your Zumba Class – BonBon Break

Why Cheating Hurts Kids Now and in the Future – Grown and Flown

I Am a Homemaker – HuffPost Women

What Would It Mean If We Took Our Kids’ Sleep Seriously? – Kids Safety Network

Eleven Is the Old Age Of Childhood –

Why I Am Religious and Not Just Spiritual  – HuffPost Religion

Dear Moms of the Internet, In 2016 Can We All Just Calm Down – HuffPost Parents

Teenagers: I Want to Remember These Last Times – Grown and Flown

Family Dinners: We Lost the Table and Gained So Much More Grown and Flown

There Has Never Been a War on Christmas – But Advent Has Taken a Hit – HuffPost Religion

Recess Is Not a Privilege – HuffPost Parents

Six Simple Pleasures I Want My Kids to Enjoy – HuffPo Parents

To the Mom of a High School Senior, It’s Okay to Spoil Your Kid This Year – Club Mid

Seven Unexpected Perks of Having a Teenager – Club Mid

What No One Tells You About the Sophomore Send Off – Club Mid

The Summer of Just Not Caring The Mid

New School Year Resolutions The Mid

Six Ways Having a Stomach Bug Is Like Being in a Horror Movie – The Mid

The Ten Levels of Head Lice Hell  – The Mid

* Ways I’m Cooler Now Than I Was 10 Years Ago – The Mid

13 Catholic Mom Fails – On Call Her Happy

How Not to Waste a Single Day – on Catholic 365

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