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Campus Ready in One Trip!

It seems like every time I log onto my computer these days, my social media feed is full of photos of spectacular dorm rooms. Clever young co-eds and their mothers all over the country have managed to turn four cinderblock walls and a linoleum tile floor into an charming oasis of style and luxury.

I would love to do that for MM. I really would. However, when it comes to getting her dorm room ready for the upcoming year, we face a few challenges that might make that experience next to impossible.

For starters, we aren’t sure how to plan. We haven’t actually seen the dorm rooms at The University of Dallas where she will begin college in the fall. Yes, a tour of the dorms was offered during her campus visit last spring. And yes, in retrospect, it might have been wise to opt in for that part of the tour. But in our defense, this was approximately our 98th college visit, and all dorm rooms were beginning to blur together. Not only that, but MM was already in love with UD, and had the model dorm been a dank dungeon cell or a spacious loft with a breathtaking view, it would not have influenced her decision.

Also (and this one is really on me), we had a six hour drive home ahead of us, and we were exhausted. One of us didn’t think she could endure another step.

Another factor that makes dorm shopping a challenge for us is that MM has three roommates–roommates she has never met and who all hail from different parts of the country. The girls are communicating about who will bring a microwave and who has a mini-fridge, but given the distance between them all, choosing, purchasing, and coordinating lavish decor is out of the question.

Still, even if we can’t create a magazine-cover-worthy dorm room, I did want to help MM create a space that is cozy and inviting. And really, that’s more her style anyway.

Since MM will be sharing her space with three other girls, she wanted to focus on purchasing items that will help her stay organized. Since she is going to be six hours from home, I wanted to focus on comfort items–luxurious sheets, cozy blankets, a yummy pillow.

Fortunately, we found everything we needed to get her campus ready at Bed Bath and Beyond.



At home my sister and I share a room. We share everything! With our combined collection of makeup, lip glosses, and hair accessories, our makeup area is a bit of a disaster. I know in my dorm, I’m going to want to keep my things together and out of my roommates’ way.

I was happy to find this cute little makeup caddie. It will help me keep my things organized, and I can easily move it from the bathroom to a shelf near my bed–wherever it’s most convenient and most out of the way for my roommates.



This all purpose tote is going to be great for laundry. I love that it can carry a heavy load, and it can also fold flat for easy storage.


My sister and I keep our room pretty clean. But if I’m being honest, she’s the tidy one. But I am determined to keep my new space spiffy–even without her to nag  encourage me! This will really help!


Having a place to hang my robe and towels will definitely help me keep my area clutter free!


And a couple of these rolling storage containers will make it easy for me to store things out of the way.


This desk lamp won’t just shed light on my books, but it also serves as a charging station for my phone!


But maybe my favorite organizational tool is this nifty tote for my car. Not only will it help me keep things together in my car, but when I go home for a visit, my parents can fill up the cooler with lots of yummy food for me to take back to college!



I love that MM wants to have a well-organized room. That will make life with three roommates much easier. Knowing that she has a few of the comforts of home, will make my life easier. That’s one reason I wanted to be sure she has a delicious set of sheets, a super soft pillow, and a cozy blanket.

IMG_5977 (1)
These Pure Beech Jersey sheets are pure bliss!


This Serasoft blanket is certainly an affordable luxury.
This pillow is a miracle! I’m definitely going back to get one for myself!

I’ll sleep better at night knowing that she has a comfy place to sleep!

Of course I found a couple of other items to help her unwind and relax.

A little lavender oil in a diffuser to help her unwind

And what better way to relax or study than sitting under a cozy blanket with a cup of tea in your favorite mug!




We got her organized, and I can feel good knowing that she will feel at home in her new dorm room. All in all, I’d say we had a very successful shopping trip.


I know that once she gets to college MM will realize there are other things she needs to complete her dorm room. Good thing there’s a Bed Bath and Beyond close by.










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