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Mommy’s Favorite 2016

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!  As always, I am looking forward to it.  I can envision it now.  After I have been treated to a gourmet meal (prepared by my husband) and  all the dishes have been washed and put away (by my children), after I have been showered with gifts and hailed with words of praise and adoration, my children will gather round me for our special Mother’s Day tradition.

This year, just like the past several years, I will pit my precious blessing against one another in a highly competitive game of Mommy Trivia.  I’m excited. It is always fun to see just who has been paying attention for the last 12 months.

No doubt the kids are getting excited too. In fact, I am sure that their eagerness to prepare and train for this year’s competition is the only explanation for leaving for the day (the day before Mother’s Day)  with a giant pile of laundry on the dining table, a sink full of dirty dishes, and four dogs who need to be fed. But I digress…

The stakes for Mommy Trivia are high. The winner earns the title of Mommy’s Favorite and gets to be  photographed for a picture that will serve as my new profile on Facebook for at least a week. And this year, there’s a trophy.


Yes, it is a repurposed showmanship trophy from the dairy goat show at the Carroll County Fair, but it’s still a really big deal and I am sure highly coveted by all my children.

Perhaps the only thing tougher than the competition is coming up with questions. Here’s what I have so far for this year.

  • Name one thing in the back of my Highlander right now?
  • What is my favorite scent?
  • What is my favorite T-shirt to sleep in?
  • What is my favorite sandwich?
  • How do I like my tea from Sonic?
  • What is my favorite store?
  • What did I get for my high school graduation present?
  • What did I get for my college graduation present?
  • Who is my favorite country singer?
  • Who is my favorite 90’s band?
  • Who is my favorite 80’s singer?
  • What is the last movie I saw in a theater?

Every year it gets tougher to come up with questions.  Over the course of the next 12 months I’ll try to make a point to do some notable, interesting, or outrageous things so that I’ll have more material for questions. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

In the meantime, Happy Mother’s Day to all of my Charming Friends. And may the best kid win!


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