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Make Believe Memories

Today I cleaned out the dress up box. It isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but I think it might be the last. Over the years I have discarded dragon costumes, princess dresses, Wonder Woman outfits, Superman capes, and pretty much everything else ever worn by  the Justice League. Today, I tossed out the last of it. It was bittersweet.  painful. I will never again look outside and see a cowboy chasing a princess.  across the lawn,  There won’t be anymore pirates looking for land from atop the tree house. No more fairies flitting down the hall. No more knights doing battle in the kitchen.  No more little ducks and puppies  riding in my grocery cart quacking and barking at the other shoppers.

As wonderful as motherhood and is and as beautiful as it is to see my kids growing up, sometimes it just really sucks.  It’s painful.  Sometimes it physically hurts to realize that my babies aren’t babies anymore and that those precious days are over. So, yeah. Today was bad. To make matters worse, I was working alone – which is , of course,  the ONLY way to get rid of anything from my kids’ rooms, but it’s also boring.  So to lighten the mood and to catalog the last of the costumes, I took a few selfies.





I feel better.  My family thinks I’mm crazy.  But I feel much better.


The original version of this post was actually written about three years ago.  It still physically hurts sometimes, this longing for Little Ones, but life with teens and tweens is such fun that most days it’s just a minor twinge. 

2 thoughts on “Make Believe Memories

  1. Today I played at the pool with my seven year old because my soon to be ten year old was off with a friend. Suddenly it struck me that this playing with Mom phase will soon end for my littlest one too. I know what you mean when you say it hurts. It’s like you are in the middle of little kid world and then it just ends. No warnings. It’s just suddenly over. I haven’t cleaned out our toy box yet because Little Man still enjoys playing Batman, but it’s coming. Be still my heart.

    1. The good news is that teenagers have been fun too. It’s a different kind of fun. My big kids and I laugh together a lot. We think the same things are funny. It’s different than thinking everything they do is funny because it’s so adorable, It’s different, but it’s good.

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