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The Fourth Annual Mommy Trivia Contest – Who Will Be My Favorite?

This weekend is Mother’s Day.  I’m looking forward to attending Mass with my family, relaxing by the pool, opening a few gifts, and enjoying a lovely meal.  But what  I am really, really looking forward to is pitting my children against each other in a fast-paced, intensely competitive game of Mommy Trivia.  Every year I devise a list of questions about me for my children to answer. The winner is awarded the coveted title of Mommy’s Favorite!  Admittedly, this game, though great fun for me, is met with varying degrees of enthusiasm by my kids.  So I’m thinking of upping the stakes. Perhaps in addition to that glorious title, I will give out a trophy, offer a crown, or throw in a get-out-of-chores free card.  Even if I don’t sweeten the pot, once this game gets under way, the kids tend to really get into it. They might get their competitive streak from me. Anyway, here are this year’s questions (so far)…

1.  Name one book I read this year.

2.  Name one of my favorite Saints (The Blessed Mother does not count.)

3. What is my all time favorite song?

4.  What is the last movie I saw in a theater?

5.  If someone gave me $100 dollars to spend on myself, what would I buy? (best answer wins)

6.  What would I buy for myself with $1000? (best answer wins)

7.  What is my favorite card game?

8.  Name one person from history who I would like to have dinner with (best answer wins, Jesus does not count).

9.  What is my least favorite household chore?

10.  If I were going to a spa for the day but could only get one treatment, what would it be?

11.  Who am I named after (middle name)?

12.  What was were my maternal great-grandparents’ names?

13  What were my paternal great-grand parent’s names?

14.  What did my grandfather always call me?

15.  What famous person did I meet in Wal Mart but chickened out before inviting him/her to dinner and now I live with an aching regret that I missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


Last year, I also added trivia questions for each of the grandmothers.  That was a lot of fun!  Here are last year’s Mommy Trivia Questions.   It gets tougher and tougher to come up with questions every year.  I welcome your suggestions.

May the Best Child Win!
May the Best Child Win!

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