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What Do You Know Wednesday: Choosing Your Battles

It’s spring! One of my favorite times of year! I love the sunshine! The budding flowers! The long days! The new life! But I don’t love trying to figure out what to wear. It’s 40 something every morning and often in the 70’s by lunch time. Boots are out. But are sandals really appropriate?

How do you dress for two, sometimes three seasons, in one day? I don’t have the answer, but I do know that I have enough to worry about trying to get myself out the door.  My kids are on their own.

This isn’t really a problem with the girls, but Charming Chet makes me crazy.  He wants to wear shorts.  Of course he does! It was 75 degrees yesterday.  I try to guide him. I show him the forecast.  I offer advice.  But in the end, if he’s determined to wear shorts, I’ll let him. I figure if he is miserable, he’ll learn his lesson.  If he doesn’t learn his lesson, he deserves to be miserable.

To me, this is an easy one.  He won’t die from getting too chilly at recess, and he’s not likely to suffer a grave humiliation.  There are other areas, I’m more adamant.  He doesn’t get to learn the hard way about wearing his seat belt or driving the four wheeler too fast.  But when possible I try to let all my kids learn their own lessons and make their own choices.  We all have different levels of tolerance and different battles we choose to fight or ignore. (I have others besides shorts in cold weather) I’d love to hear from you.  What battles have you chosen not to fight?

Alway ready for battle!
Alway ready for battle!



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