Turning the chicken run into a compost pile!

Last week, my Mother in Law passed away. So BDD and I have been going back and forth to Missouri for the funeral, and to take care of his Dad. His Dad has very poor health at this point also. His parent’s love story is such a sweet one! They met when his Mom was just 13. They married when she was 14, and his dad was 16.  While she bravely fought cancer at home, he spent three weeks in ICU fighting for his own life. Every day she asked where he was or if he was home yet. He finally came home and she died the following day. 61 years is a long time to be sweethearts.

My sweet Mother in Law and Butter.
My sweet Mother in Law and Butter.
The girls love Dixie-Daisy.

All that being said, I have needed to get outside and get my hands in the dirt! To me, working out in the yard is therapy. I enjoy gardening and planting flowers so much this time of year. This morning I woke up to overcast skies and drizzle. The temperature was still 50 degrees so it wasn’t too bad. I got the big brooder set up for the baby chicks that I bought to replace the ones that LC kept for me while I attended my MIL’s funeral. Dixie-Daisy was the only remaining Ameraucana that I have out of that batch. She is named appropriately by Mary Michael, LC’s daughter. Dixie and Daisy are the dogs who ate her sisters… Anyway, Dixie-Daisy was so lonely by herself so I got 11 Welsummer chicks to be friends.

LC and I also have 46 eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch next Saturday. We will be letting Charming Chet and Charming Dawson sell them on Saturday mornings at the hardware store. BDD and Dawson built the brooders two years ago. They work great and allow us to move the light to adequately heat the brooders as the chicks grow.


After I got the little ones all cozy in their brooder, I once again thought it is just too warm not to work in the flower beds. So I headed down with shovel and rake in tow.

I transplanted this ornamental grass also. I hope it lives!
I transplanted this ornamental grass also. I hope it lives!

When I started raking up all the leaves and pine needles to take to my compost pile, I had a thought. What if I dumped all those leaves and pine needles into the chicken run for the girls to turn and make compost out of?

My flower beds needed attention!
My flower beds needed attention!

See, I have great intentions, but , I very rarely turn my compost pile. In fact, I have never turned my compost pile. I’ve never even used the compost out of my compost pile. I know, I know, that’s terrible! I don’t really have a good place. I literally found a place in the woods close to the bunny barn where I was dumping bunny manure, and decided that looked like a good place to compost. that’s where it ended. So, I dumped all the leaves into the run. The girls and Mr Wonderful love them! The run was so muddy anyway. I am hoping this cuts down on the mud, while letting the girls do the work for me! I will keep checking back over the next couple of weeks and see how they are doing turning and composting them up.338

I better run, I need to finish planting my pansies I picked up this morning! I hope y’all have a blessed week! ~Jill

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