What Do You Know Wednesday: Saving on Groceries

It has been a while since we hosted a What Do You Know Wednesday, but here we are again sharing our experiences and looking for insight.  This week, let’s talk about saving money on groceries.

In an attempt to save money (and gain time and sanity) I have started limiting my trips to Wal Mart to once a month. I find that when I shop there I tend to buy things I didn’t go in for.  I run in for a gallon of milk and come out with a hundred dollars worth of groceries, clothes, gadgets, and gizmos that I didn’t even know I needed.  Now that I only shop at Wal Mart once a month, I don’t cut coupons or collect comp ads.  I don’t prepare days worth of menus in advance. I don’t even really have a strategy.  I just power shop.  I buy A LOT of the staples that we use on a regular basis, our favorites snack foods, any health an beauty aides we need, cleaning supplies, pretty much anything I can think of.  Between trips I try to make-do with what we have on hand.  If we run out of something we can’t live without, I shop at another local grocery store – one where I’m less likely to impulse buy.

I haven’t done the exact math, but I know, this method is saving me money.   It’s simple.  Contrary to Wal Mart’s recent ad campaign, shopping there doesn’t help me save more or live better.  Instead I find if I shop at Wal Mart less, I buy less.

What tricks or trips do you have for saving money on groceries?


2 thoughts on “What Do You Know Wednesday: Saving on Groceries

    1. Definitely. I spend a small fortune on my once-a-month trip, and there’s a little bit of sticker shock that day, but over the course of the month, I’m definitely better off.

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