12 Things Only Southern Mamas Understand

If you were to look in my refrigerator you would find, behind the Greek yogurt and the organic spinach and the grass-fed butter, a tin can that looks sort of like an old style coffee can.  In this can there is a copious amount of bacon grease.  Why? You might ask. The answer is simple – because my mother kept a can of bacon grease in her refrigerator and my grandmother kept a can of bacon grease in her refrigerator, and I have no doubt my great grandmother kept a can of bacon grease in her ice-box too – probably several cans actually since she had ten children.  Of course it’s not just there for tradition’s sake.  I cook with it.  I think it’s a Southern thing.  Anyway, seeing that can of bacon grease amongst my otherwise healthy staples got me thinking.  What are some other things that only Southern moms would understand.  Here are a few.


  • Why there is a can of bacon grease in the refrigerator.
  • Why the children suddenly straighten up when she threaten to go cut a switch.
  • That no matter how much she threaten, she would never actually beat any of her children, no matter how they came to be in the family or what color their hair.  Nor would she ever snatch them baldheaded or jerk a knot in their tails.
  • Who Cooter Brown is and why none of her children better ever be compared to him.
  • Why anyone would want to put a brick on their children’s heads
  • Why the question on Sunday morning is, “Y’all want chocolate gravy or sausage gravy?”
  • That when a child says Miss in front of her first name, it’s not because he doesn’t know she’s married.  It’s because he was brought up right.
  • That one inch of snow means SNOW DAY!!!
  • How to keep her kids for getting too big for their britches
  • When to fish or cut bait
  • Why hearing one of her sons say, “Hey, Yall! Watch this!” strikes fear in her heart.
  • That all her kids are actually even cuter than a speckled pup.

What can you add to this list?  I’d love to hear from mothers from other parts of the country too!

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15 thoughts on “12 Things Only Southern Mamas Understand

  1. My mom always said she was going to put pepper pots on my butt if I didn’t behave. LOL Then there’s the whole “bless her heart” thing after an insult! Ever had squirrel gravy?

    1. Kelly, I almost added that a Southern Mamma knows how to cook whatever who kids shoot. Yes. Yes I have made squirrel gravy. But as I told my boys the last time they went squirrel hunting, I have eaten my last squirrel. They are bigger now, and they are on their own. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love this post!
    My husband is from the south and when he started his own jar of bacon grease, I thought he was crazy! hah! Of course, that was until I tried the food he cooked it with… 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I have a friend who pops popcorn in bacon grease. I haven’t tried that because I’m afraid of how delicious it will be.

    1. Wait. What? Peanut butter cookies made with bacon grease? My grandmother used to make pb and bacon toast, but not cookies. I need that recipe.

  3. Love the post! My mom kept 2 small cans of grease in the refrigerator. One was bacon grease and the other one was other grease/fat drained from cooking other meats. When the ‘other’ grease can filled up, into the garbage it went. The bacon grease was used for cooking, of course. Her grease cans (and mine) were empty vegetable tin cans; mom was always resourceful and reused items before it was fashionable to do so. She kept them in a spare metal Morton’s bread dough pan. Remember the frozen dough used to come in a real metal can? Thanks for the resurgence of memories.

  4. 1) that when you tell your daughter she is being “ugly” you mean she needs to adjust her attitude, not her make up.
    2) when someone is annoying you, you “bless their heart”
    3) when you’ve been “rode hard and put up wet” you really need to rest

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