Kid-Nourishing, Man-Pleasing, Life-Affirming Potato Soup

Few things in life give me more pleasure or a greater sense of contentment than a cozy evening at home with my family – a fire in the fireplace, warm, homemade bread, and a piping hot bowl of delicious soup.  And on a night like this, potato soup is the dish I’m most likely to make.  Not only is this potato soup easy to make, it tastes amazing.  I feel like I am providing nourishment for our bodies and our souls.  Y’all this soup is awesome.  Your family will be so delighted they might even offer to clean the kitchen while you sit be the fire and sip coffee.  Okay, it’s not miracle soup, but it really is fabulous.  Seriously.

Bear in mind, my recipes tend to be the pinch and dash kind, so these measurements are just a guide.  You can make a smaller batch or make more.  Add as much or as little cheese as you want. Skip the bacon. Or skip the spinach.  You really can’t go wrong with this soup.   Here’s what I use:

– A 5lb bag of potatoes. You can use fewer potatoes or you can even use frozen hash browns.

– Chicken broth – a 32 oz box or enough to cover potatoes

– About 4 cups of milk or Half and half – I use 2% or whole milk.

– Grated cheddar cheese – about 3- 4 cups

-Bacon (optional, but c’mon, it’s bacon)

-Spinach (also optional, but this is what makes me feel so good about giving this to my family, and don’t worry, the kids will never know it’s there)

This soup can be made on the stove or in your slow cooker.  I use my slow cooker.  Cube the potatoes and cover with chicken broth.

photo 2

Cook until the potatoes are very smooshy.  In the meantime, cook your bacon.  Remove the bacon from the pan and pour off most of the grease. Saute your spinach in the remaining bacon grease.  Save the bacon to crumble on top of your soup later.

photo 4

Once the potatoes are done, take about two cups of the cooked potatoes and blend them in a food processor with the sauteed spinach.  You might want to add a little of the broth too.

photo 1

You will end up with a paste-like mixture. That looks like this.

photo 2

At this point my husband actually started eating this like a dip with corn chips – until I shoed him out of the kitchen.  Add the potato/spinach mixture back into the soup pot or slow cooker.  Stir it until in blends in.  If you want to, use a potato masher or immersion blender to mash up the remaining potatoes.  I like to leave some of the potato in big chunks.  Next add 2- 4 cups of milk and 2-4 cups of grated cheese and stir. Cook on low for another 30 minutes.

Crumble bacon on top and serve with this super easy and delicious bread.  Enjoy with warm conversation and the people you love.


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