Mommy’s Favorite

Every year on Mothers Day, my children are forced to battle it out for the title of Mommy’s Favorite. That might sound a little twisted, but it is actually really fun. Well, at least it’s fun for me, and it’s my day, so everyone has to do what I want.  Mommy Trivia! In the spirit of this wonderful holiday dedicated to the appreciation of mothers, I will pit child against child in a test of their love for (or at least their knowledge of) me. The older they get the more difficult it is to come up with questions, but there are still a lot of things my kiddos don’t know about me. Here are last years’s questions.

1. What is Mommy’s current favorite song?

2. If Mommy could only eat one dessert for the rest of her life what would it be?

3. What is my dream dog?

4. What color were my bride’s maids dresses?

5. What was my major in college?

6. Name one place I worked in high school.

7. Name three of my high school best friends.

8. What was the name of my college sorority?

9. Where did Daddy and I go on our first date?

10. If I have another baby boy, what am I naming him?

Good luck to all participates. May the best child win!

I need help with this year’s questions.  Any suggestions?

Which of these Lucky Contestants Will Win the title of MOMMY'S FAVORITE?
Which of these Lucky Contestants Will Win the title of MOMMY’S FAVORITE?

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6 thoughts on “Mommy’s Favorite

  1. I love this idea! My kids compete daily to be my favorite! And they each win favorite status sometime during the day. Question suggestions- mom’s favorite thing to do? How many states has mom visited? Mom’s favorite meal? Where did mom & dad honeymoon?

    1. I usually tell them, “You are all my favorite. Just not all at the same time.” Thanks for the suggestions. I can use those!

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