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What Do You Know Wednesdays – What About Ducks?

Welcome to What Do You Know Wednesdays! As you know, we are still learning how to be farmers (we’ve actually known how to be charming for quite some time). We truly enjoy sharing our experiences (the good, the bad, and the hilarious) here with our Charming Readers. Our motto has become, That’s how you learn. We’ve learned by jumping right in and seeing what works, what fails, and what just makes for a great story. And since the point of Charming Farming is to build a community of women who farm – in big ways or small – we would like to hear from you too. What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

Each week (okay let’s just say semi-regularly) we will post a question or problem that we face with farming or one submitted by one of our Charming Readers. We are hoping to get input from other Charming Farmers so that we together we can grow healthier, happier farms and families.
This isn’t a linkup per se, although we hope you will post a link to your blog. But you don’t have to have a blog to contribute. Just share your insights in the comments (with a link to your blog if you have one). And do please share What Do You Know Wednesdays on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere else Charming Farmers are gathering.

This week  we’d like to talk about ducks.  We (LC and family)  have four ducks – our rouen drake, Rowan, and our hens, Maddie, Benji, and Thomas.  I have written before about how much I love having ducks and about problems I have had with Rowan being a duck bully.  I have also posted numerous photos of my ducks on our Twitter and our Facebook page.  The bottom line is that I’m the tiniest, itstiet, bitsiest bit over the top about my ducks.  I think they are so much fun!   Of course, our chickens are the mainstay of our farm.  We got them first, and they provide us with most of our eggs.  But if I had to choose between ducks and chickens….oh forget it!  I could never choose.  And fortunately I don’t have too.  There is plenty of room in the barnyard for both.  (and maybe some turkeys too – but that’s another post).

So, when spring finally rolls around,  I plan to add a few more ducks to our mixed-up flock.  Here are some questions I have about  the hows and whys of choosing ducks….

  • What is your favorite breed and why?
  • Is there a breed most likely to go broody?
  • Do you buy your ducks as chicks or do you hatch your own?
  • If you do hatch your own, have you ever had a duck “imprint” on you?  Does that even happen?  (I think it would be so much fun)
  • Do you supply a pool or water source for your ducks?  Do you think this is a must or just a fun option for ducks?
  • Do you prefer ducks or chickens?  (It’s okay, we wont’ tell)
  • Do you prefer duck eggs over chicken eggs?   Why or Why not?

And finally, we’d just like to hear anything you have to share about ducks – photos, stories, tips, or questions of your own!

Rowan and Thomas
Rowan and Thomas


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6 thoughts on “What Do You Know Wednesdays – What About Ducks?

  1. I am new to ducks, we got our first ones in early December of last year, but I loved them so much we added two more a month later! My four are Muscovies, one drake and 3 ducks. I just adore them. No eggs as yet, hopefully soon! The first two were about 4 months old and the second two were about 10 months old when we got them. I hope that once they lay someone goes broody because I would love some ducklings around here (not crazy on brooding myself. Did that once with chicks and much preferred when I had a broody hen instead!)

    I do provide a wading pool for ours (eventually want a larger pond or even just a nice stock tank for them) and while I’ve heard that Muscovies don’t really care if they have water, ours just love it.

    We chose Muscovies because of the quackless feature. We’re in a neighborhood so I try to keep it quiet. It’s enough when the chickens sing the egg song! When we move I want to add some Runners and some Campbells.

    I can’t really choose chickens vs. ducks. I love them both for different reasons!

  2. My favorite ducks that we have raised so far have been the Cayugas. They were quiet and beautiful with their deep green and black iridescent feathers. They murmured more than quacked. But I think my favorite new ducks will be something else. We bought day old ducklings each time. I’ve never had a duck imprint on me, we didn’t handle them enough I don’t think.

    Yes we supply a small pool or pond for them to swim in when we have them. Ducks need a water source. It helps them to eat and it helps them to clear their sinuses. At the very least they need a container they can dunk their whole heads in, but they get so much joy out of swimming even in just a kiddie pool it is so worth the mess.

    I prefer ducks to chickens, but it isn’t by much of a margin. I just find them more entertaining with their water antics. Plus we can have a drake. We can’t have a rooster here, so if we want any chance of fertile eggs and a next generation I don’t have to raise, ducks win. I like duck eggs for baking. It improves the quality of bread and cookies and cakes. I don’t care otherwise.

    1. I think I’d like to try raising Cayugas. My ducks are VERY loud. I could use a quieter breed.

      We provide a kiddie pool for ours. It has barely survived the winter. I can’t wait for the stores to start selling kiddie pools again. I’m going to get a bigger one this year. It is so much fun to watch them splash and play.

      I haven’t really tried baking with my duck eggs. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!

      Thanks for stopping by WDYKW. I hope you’ll be back next week.

      1. We used one of those green sand box turtles for our ducks, leftover from when my kids were little. It stands up way better than the kiddie pools. Of course only two at a time can fit in it, but we only ever had four at a time. This time we will get a Rubbermaid stock tank for them. They have a spout at the bottom for draining which will make my life a little easier. Plus they are made to survive the elements. It’s a bigger cost outlay at the start, but will last for years.

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