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What Do You Know Wednesday…Choosing Chickens

Welcome to What Do You Know Wednesdays! As you know, we are still learning how to be farmers (we’ve actually known how to be charming for quite some time). We truly enjoy sharing our experiences (the good, the bad, and the hilarious) here with our Charming Readers. Our motto has become, That’s how you learn. We’ve learned by jumping right in and seeing what works, what fails, and what just makes for a great story. And since the point of Charming Farming is to build a community of women who farm – in big ways or small – we would like to hear from you too. What has worked for you? What hasn’t?
Each week (okay let’s just say semi-regularly) we will post a question or problem that we face with farming or one submitted by one of our Charming Readers. We are hoping to get input from other Charming Farmers so that we together we can grow healthier, happier farms and families.
This isn’t a linkup per se, although we hope you will post a link to your blog. But you don’t have to have a blog to contribute. Just share your insights in the comments (with a link to your blog if you have one). And do please share What Do You Know Wednesdays on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere else Charming Farmers are gathering.

So, let’s start with this week’s question…I have recently come to appreciate the plain white chicken. There is something about it’s simplicity that appeals to me.  Still, that does not change the fact that I long for a barnyard full chickens in a variety of colors and plumage.   In fact, when it comes time to pick out chicks and/or hatching eggs this spring, both Jill and I will likely choose based more on beauty than function.  What about you?

  • How do you choose your chickens?  Bases on beauty?  Egg production? Heartiness?
  • Which breeds to you think are the prettiest?
  • Which breeds make the best layers?
  • Do some breeds do better in the heat?  The cold? Drought?
  • Which breeds are the friendliest or make the best pets?
  • Do you prefer a variety or are you a one breed kind of farmer?

Jill and I can’t wait to hear what charming chicken choosing strategy works best for you!

They are lovely, but we could clearly use some more variety.
They are lovely, but we could clearly use some more variety.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Know Wednesday…Choosing Chickens

  1. We currently have 3 Auracanas, 1 silver-laced wing wyandotte, 2 golden sex link, 2 white leghorns, and 2 black Australorps. In the past we have had Rhode Island reds, and Plymouth Barred Rock. I think the wyandotte is our prettiest bird, but the Auracanas run a close second. We’ve got a mix of production and pretty. It works for us. When I move, though I’ll be starting from scratch most likely since these hens are getting old. I don’t just want pretty birds, I want some pretty eggs, too, so while I will gladly have all of the above, the black copper maran and the blue copper maran are on my list to add and maybe some of the other wyandotte colors in the pretty hen category. I also want green eggs (my Auracanas lay blue) and speckled so I need to track down which varieties do that.

    1. I’m hoping to get some fun colors from my flock next year too. I have one blue egg layer, but I’d like to see a variety in my egg basket. We are incubating some barred rock eggs right now. I’m super excited.

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