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A Late-Summer Surprise

Buffalo, like deer and goats, come in to rut each fall. They butt heads, strut about, fight, buck, and snort all in an attempt to gain favor with the ladies and the honor of being top bull – the one who gets the pleasure of fathering the next generations of calves.

One of our Big Guys
One of our Big Guys

Fortunately our somewhat domesticated herd settles this annual dispute without too much violence.  There is a bit of bucking and snorting, but rarely anything this dramatic.

Thanks goodness.

So, after a minor scuffle or two each year, we get to welcome a whole bunch of these little guys in the spring.

Play Date
Play Date

But by this time of year these carmel-colored cuties are beginning to go through that awkward teenage phase.


But really, they are still just babies.


It’s the same cycle year after year.  Fighting, hanky-panky, a long, cold winter, babies, summer, and they start again in the fall.  But every once in a while, the cycle is broken, or at least altered.

Today, an unusually cool day for August, Chet wanted me to go on a Kubota ride with him.   For those of you who do not know, this is a Kubota…

MM doing some farm chores in the Kubota
MM doing some farm chores in the Kubota

Anyway, I was enjoying an afternoon of pure laziness (school starts Monday).  But when a freckle-faced nine year old asks you to hang out with him, you don’t turn it down if you can help it.  At least that’s my policy.  Because I know from having had a nine year old boy once before that the days when they really beg you to just hang out with them are fleeting.

So, away we went on a Kubota ride, enjoying the sunshine and 75 degree weather.  We drove through the buffalo herd and turned to ride through the bottom pasture along the river.  That’s when we noticed one buffalo all alone. Buffalo have a strong herd instinct, so when you see one off by itself, that’s usually a bad sign that it’s sick.  Not this time.  As we got closer we saw the reason for her solitude.  In fact, she wasn’t alone after all.

Just a few minutes old
Just a few minutes old

Chet was elated.  It’s rare to see a baby buffalo so new.  Even rarer in the late summer.  He couldn’t believe our luck!  What if we had stayed in?  Or taken a different route?  If I had gone with my first instinct, to stay inside and lie around like third base, I would have missed seeing this little guy so new in the world.  Worse, I would have missed seeing him with my own little guy.  Today was special.  But it wasn’t just special because we had a calf born out of season.  It was special because I got to experience it with a freckle-faced nine year old boy who was happy just to be with me.  The calf?  She was a bonus.  A cute, surprise, late-summer bonus.

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8 thoughts on “A Late-Summer Surprise

  1. This was fabulous!! You are not alone in your pinterest mother adoration! All the amazing ideas that leave you thinking, “well, crap… I should have done that” 🙂

    1. Thanks, Erica! And thanks for stopping by. It’s county fair week here and I’m finding myself looking at everyone else’s cute signs and displays and feeling that same pang. Oh well, at least we got most of our stuff in this year.

  2. What a wonderful afternoon. I can’t think of anything better than spending it with a nine-year-old boy. (Mine is now 24 years old. Time is fleeting.)

    1. Time is fleeting indeed. My older boy is 17, and it seems like only yesterday he was a little guy wanting to spend the day with me. Fortunately, he still wants to spend time with me, and when we hang out he takes me to dinner – and sometimes pays!

  3. I felt like I really took time to enjoy all my children. I homeschooled #1 son until 7th grade, so we had some great times together. But still, I feel like I’m so much more aware how fleeting the time is with the younger ones that I savor it even more. I always say I wish I had seven or eight kids because I feel a little wiser with each one.

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