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Have Your Popcorn and Eat It Too

For me there are certain foods that are like crack cocaine. That is to say, that once I start on them, I find it nearly impossible to be moderate. Just like there is no healthy amount of illegal narcotics. I find there is no healthy amount of peanut butter,kettle chips, cookie dough ice-cream, or popcorn. Once I start, I’m a goner. It’s best to avoid some of my favorites all together.

At least that’s what I thought until I found a way to have my popcorn and eat it too. I’ve loved popcorn since high school and have always thought of popcorn – especially the low-fat or natural version – to be a healty-ish snack option. Then, to my horror, my mother told me about the dangers of microwave popcorn. Thanks, Mom. I immediately bought an air popper. Yummy – as long as you drown your popcorn in butter after it is popped. I considered using my friend’s method of popping popcorn. She pops hers on the stove IN BACON GREASE!!! Trust me. I love bacon grease, and I use it for all sorts of cooking, but my goal was to find a healthy snack option. So, I resisted this no doubt delightful method of popping corn.

Finally, I came across an article on the benefits of Himalayan salt. Among other things, this stuff is supposed to reduce the signs of aging, increase your libido, and help you sleep! Dang! It’s like a salad, a cocktail, and well, a cocktail all rolled into one yummy seasoning.  Yes!

And what goes better with salt than popcorn! Now, I haven’t decided where I come down on the whole GMO debate. At this point, if a package says NON-GMO I am happy! I mean, not eating GMO’s can’t be bad. But I’m also not working terribly hard to eliminate GMO’s entirely because we have to eat food. Still, when I found this popcorn at a nearby whole foods store, I felt good about making my healthy-salt popcorn even healthier!

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

The package saysit’s the best popcorn on earth, and I’m not inclined to disagree.

When it comes to popping popcorn, here are a variety of healthy options – olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil. But I since my mother told me about the benefits of coconut oil, I use it whenever I can. Thanks, Mom. To me, this is a snacking trifecta! Crunchy, salty, healthy.


That’s not to say I can eat all I want. I know too much of anything is bad. But now that I know the facts, I I feel a whole lot better about this indulgence than the microwave stuff. And the best part, my kids haven’t even complained. Score!


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