This is reblogged from my former blog. Big Hal checked the bees today, and they’re doing great!

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Up With the Chickens

      We have a new addition to the farm.  Bees!  I’ve actually had them a while, but I got sidelined writing about it because I could not land on just the right bee pun for my title. Here were some of the ones I came up with:

It’s Unbeelievable!

A Beeutiful New Addition…

Well, I’ll Bee…

Okay, you get the idea.  Bee Not Afraid is somewhat of an ironic title  – because I am.  So, for now, I’m leaving the bee feeding up to Big Hal.  A few years ago when I was nursing babies, I decided that all potentially harmful or life threatening tasks (like tasting the chicken salad to see if it’s still good or dealing with thousands of angry stinging bees) should default to Big Hal.  That might seem harsh, but did I mention that I was pregnant and/or nursing for over 10 years and…

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