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Welcome to Charming Farming…

Welcome to Charming Farming. Our hope is that this blog will promote farming and friendship among women. We want this to be a place to share stories, questions, and ideas. We look forward to getting to know other women involved in agriculture, whether it be a big-time operation, a flock of backyard chickens, or a small patch of vegetables.

We are both small-scale or hobby farmers. That is, we don’t farm for a living – yet. Between our two families we raise chickens, rabbits, buffalo, and soon sheep (for Jill) and hopefully goats (for LC). More importantly, we raise children and also have husbands, and careers. Life is wonderfully full. Would it be easier without farms? Perhaps. But farming makes life richer.

We farm for a lot of reasons. We love that we, and our children, are a part of the process of putting food on the table – even if it’s only fresh eggs and a few vegetables. We love the time with the animals and the time farming gives us to work side-by-side with our families. We love the responsibility it teaches the kids and the sense of satisfaction it gives to us. We love the smell of dirt and the thrill of a new batch a baby bunnies. In short, we love being farmers, talking about farming, and writing about farming.  To get more of our stories check out our ABOUT tab.  Thanks for joining us!

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